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PRP Hair Restoration & Rejuvenation

Hair Line



Hair loss and thinning hair has been a very common reason to seek help and affects both men and women equally. PRP is now a recognized and preferred treatment option for hair restoration and rejuvenation. It is a proactive, therapeutic approach used to treat the classic signs of hair loss.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) works by targeting the hair follicles which may be dormant (leading to balding) and heals the source of the issue promoting optimal hair growth. It aids the body's natural repair process and may boost the growth of hair follicle cells and revitalize the hair root foundation to grow thicker and healthier hair.


The procedure starts with a small blood draw using a health Canada approved PRP kit and then centrifuged to separate the platelets into the plasma creating the PRP solution. This is the " liquid gold" solution that will be injected into the hair to stimulate hair growth and increase overall hair health.

To ensure absolute comfort during this treatment, we use various local anaesthetics that numb the area during the treatment so it is comfortable and pain free.

The entire process takes approximately an hour from start to finish with most of the time being allocated to numbing and the PRP preparation. The treatment itself takes less than 15 minutes.

As we are treating hair (and it grows slowly) results are not immediate with best results being seen after 3 treatments. The recommended treatment plan is 3 treatments each 1 month apart. Supplements or other lifestyle recommendations may be included in your plan depending on the individual.


1- Receding Hair Line

2- Bald spot

3- Entire scalp area

4- Eyebrows

5- Beard and Beard Lines

It's time to start thinking about whats happening on the top of your head. Book your complimentary consult to see if this treatment is right for you and to ask any questions.

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Have questions about the treatments? Book a complimentary aesthetic assessment with the doctor to go over all your questions and the most appropriate treatments options.

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