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Therapeutic Botox®
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Therapeutic Botox® is an amazing treatment that can drastically change the course of someones life, for the better. It's a quick and relatively painless treatment that has a 3 month to 6 month relief of symptoms, depending on the area being treated.


  • Chronic Migraines

  • Excess Sweating (hyperhidrosis): palms, soles, and underarms

  • TMJ (Jaw Pain)


The procedure starts with a general health intake to review symptoms and areas of concern. Migraines are the most specific for placement so a thorough exam of type of headache radiation is completed to ensure the most benefit from the treatment.

Underarm sweating uses 100-200 units of  Botox® (depending on severity) and targets the sweat glands. Mapping of the glands is completed to ensure the best reduction in underarm sweating. Ice and topical anaesthetic are used before the treatment to make the treatment as comfortable as possible. The treatment takes 5-10 minutes. The effects can take up to 7 days to be seen but some experience it sooner. The underarm area has an average duration of 6 months.

Jaw pain is another area that can be potentially be helped with Botox® if you are the right candidate. People who may benefit are those that have migraines that stem from clenching, teeth grinding, or over active masseter muscles. The temporalis muscle and masseter muscle may both need to be treated.

Those suffering from jaw pain may find amazing relief from this specific treatment. It helps to soften the muscle to reduce grinding/clenching and ultimately reduce of eliminate jaw pain. The typical starting dose for anyone undergoing treatment is 30 units. More is required if treatment of both the masseter and temporalis muscle is needed.

For those seeking therapeutic Botox®, for the approved conditions, may be covered under their extended benefits. The clinic is able to prescribe Botox® to your local pharmacist before your treatment so be sure to bring it with you to your appointment.


  • Get a prescription from your doctor and call your local pharmacist. They may need to order it so it could take a few days.

  • Keep your Botox® in the freezer until your appointment time.

  • Transport it with ice to keep it cold on your way to the clinic.

  • Do not open or reconstitute your Botox®. This is done at the clinic to ensure proper measurements.

  • The empty bottle will be recycled at the clinic.

Botox® can be an amazing treatment and provide months of pain relief. The best way to find out if this treatment is effective for you is to come in for an assessment. 

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Have questions about the treatments? Book a complimentary assessment with the doctor to go over all your questions and the most appropriate treatments options.

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