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Medical Aesthetics

Dr. David provides many different aesthetic treatments such as dermal fillers and Botox (botulinum a toxin) to help create the desired appearance  and reduce signs of aging. How we feel about our appearance on the outside helps to influence how we feel on the inside and is an important part of our mental health.

Book a complimentary aesthetic consult to determine which treatments are right for you.

Red Lips
Pain Management

Everyone has experienced episodes of pain, but for some it's a daily occurrence and it can significantly affect daily living. Dr. David strives to help those in pain using treatments that will help to reduce pain and health the injured site to heal for the long term.


Dr. David often prescribes treatments such as prolotherapy/PRP, supplements, prescriptions, physical medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture, custom IV Therapy, and IM injections to support his patients.

Back Pain
Primary Care

Looking for a doctor to look after your general healthcare? Dr Hatton spends an hour with each new patient to get a clear understanding of their goals and concerns. He dives into your medical history to unravel the questions around your health and will send you for laboratory studies if necessary. Once all the information is gathered, Dr Hatton may prescribe medication or other forms of treatment such as diet, supplements, or lifestyle changes.

Doctor with Files
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